A network of independent European Consultants and Engineers providing a comprehensive range of services throughout the world




Members of Europengineers represent the following countries:
Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The members:

  • provide comprehensive consulting & engineering services to clients
  • undertake all types of assignments anywhere in the world
  • work with both public and private sectors

We add value through:

  • collaborating on assignments
  • knowledge share on technical and location specific issues

Practical mechanisms by which we do this are:

  • creating a knowledge network of key experts from member companies
  • exchange staff to broaden experience
  • organizing regular meetings at board level to provide leadership and to foster trust and common understanding


What is the aim of Europengineers?


The common interest and driving force behind being a member is the sharing of knowledge on a personal level. Europengineers organises a wide range of meetings, workshops, trainings and panel discussions throughout the year so that various representatives (from junior to senior) of member firms can exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas:


CEO and top management panels
These panels are a chance for members to have open discussions about:

  • business matters and new developments in the industry
  • opening doors to the rest of Europe and the world in the field of engineering
  • nurturing commercial bilateral cooperation
  • exploring collaborations to strengthen bilateral cooperation
  • providing leadership and fostering trust and common understanding
  • creating a knowledge network of key experts from member’s country
  • sharing each other’s network of contacts on a skills level


Working groups
The working groups enable members to exchange knowledge and share experience about a specific topic (such as Airports, or Solid Waste) at a technical level, and provide opportunities for further exchange of skills on a bilateral basis.


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